First Post

Hello internet,

Like everyone else, I decided to start a blog, in particular a book review. I read a lot of books and I like to share my opinions, so it only makes sense. Plus, I’m underemployed, looking for a better job, and I need make sure my writing skills stay up to snuff.

While I wish I could post every day, I don’t think that is realistic, considering the demands on my time: the aforementioned job and the occasional job search, for sure, but other things as well. In addition to reading books, I watch television, go to movies, hang around in bars, and try to enjoy something of a social life. It might therefore take me a couple weeks or longer to read a single 300 page book, depending on how quick a read it is, and several books have taken me many weeks to finish.

I recognize that a blog updated monthly will not be interesting to readers who might otherwise be interested, so I have decided that, over the next several months, I will not only post immediate reviews of books I have just finished, but also books that I have finished in the last year. (I think it would be unfair to judge books from over a year ago, when I usually can’t remember how many drinks I had last night.)

In addition to book reviews, I think that I might write about other topics on occasion. Hopefully this will not become the focus of my blog, but I think that at some point I might feel it necessary to comment on the news of the day, or what have you. There’s a good chance I will write a review of The Dark Knight Rises approximately three hours after its release.

Anyway, my first review should be up within a day or so. Prepare yourselves.



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