A Note


It’s been almost five years. Lots of memories.

(Cut to: black and white montage of me reading; your favorite nostalgia song playing in the background.)

Don’t worry, I’m not shutting down the blog. But I want everyone to know that there’s a lot of other reading I’m doing — reading that will probably get in the way of posting here regularly. Behold, my reading list for this semester:

I would've printed all the articles I've gotta read too, but that's not quite so impressive

I would’ve printed all the articles I’ve gotta read too, but they don’t look quite so impressive

I’m going to try and stay on top of the whole book blog thing, but it’s possible that this place might start to seem more akin to Bored and Illiterate. (Thanks Lisa.) If you’re feeling like you need to see more content, feel free to guest blog. Jake, I’m still looking for Bandz Part 3.

Thank you and goodbye.


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